Why Archetype Wine?

You may not know this, but here at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, we’re kind of obsessed with archetypes. We like them so much we’d bottle them if we could.

So we did.

What’s an archetype?

At its essence, an archetype is a classic personality type. A way of being, distilled and bottled, if you will.

We like to thank our long-departed Swiss friend Carl Jung for his way of thinking about archetypes. He described archetypes as universal elements of the collective unconscious.

What does all this matter to a bunch of advertising nerds? Well, it turns out archetypes are a handy way to define who your brand really is. Which, it turns out, is the first step to figuring out how you can make your brand matter.

Is your brand the Lover, charming and sensual? The Caregiver, nurturing and caring? Or the Explorer, curious and daring?

Sure, it’s the kind of stuff you find in the driest (pun intended) of marketing textbooks. And yet. It’s pretty handy.

What if it could be tasty, too?

Soak it all in.

Good chance you’ll find your perfect pairing.

Who are we?

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs is a full-service advertising agency based in the heart of the Midwest. We know that for our brands to succeed, they need to connect with people. That’s why we use archetypes: They help us discover the deep-seeded, psychological need a brand satisfies so we can make that connection. We’re Magicians. We make brands matter.